Nationwide general contractor

Exterior building (roof, stucco, etc.) construction for insurance claims


FRST, a nationwide general contractor and leader in commercial and residential exterior (roof, gutter, stucco, etc.) projects. FRST guides and helps clients through the insurance process(scope of insurance) as well as provides repairs service and or complete replacements to restore properties to good stead.

Asured Partner


FRST Commercial specializes in working commercial insurance claims to restore building exteriors/entire envelop of buildings including roofs, walls, etc. FRST Commercial also works with current clients on new construction and repairs when needed.


FRST Residential specializes in insurance claims only to restore the exterior of homes, multi-family properties after storm damage or other disasters.


"Over several years working with FRST on multiple properties, I know FRST will always perform. That keeps our customers very, very happy and that makes my job easy and my Company happy too!"

Deborah Lushia

Property Manager, MAC Group Management Company


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